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Finally, it has been some time since our heroes completed their tasks on what it takes to save the future. Now it's time to make their own! See how our known characters settle down and start a family of their own.

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This Wikia will be on the fanchildren of the following shippings:

Peachshipping (Yugi Muto x Tea Gardner)

Blueshipping (Seto Kaiba x Kisara)

Polarshipping (Joey Wheeler x Mai Valentine)

Ardentshipping (Tristen Taylor x Serenity Wheeler)

Fianceshipping (Jaden Yuki x Alexis Rhodes)

Faithshipping (Yusei Fudo x Akiza)

Scoopshipping (Jack Atlas x Carly Carmine)

Skyshipping (Yuma Tsukumo x Tori Meadows)

Fruitshipping (Yuya Sakaki x Yuzu Boyle)

Appleshipping (Yugo x Rin)

Predatorshipping (Yuri x Selena)

???shipping (Yuto X Lulu)


Mokuba x OC "Lyisha"

Jesse Anderson x OC "Crystal"

Chazz x semiformer OC "Roxxy"

Syrus x OC "Maggie"

Crow x OC "Yonah"

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